In Healthcare Facilities

1. Hospital rooms, nursing home rooms, rehab centers, etc. in many incidences do not clean rooms between new admissions and it is advised that family members be proactive and clean frequently touched areas in the room with sanitary wipes or spray disinfectants that kill MRSA. This should be done as soon as possible and repeated during the patients stay.
2. Frequently touched surfaces include TV remotes, tray tables, telephones, call buttons, bed rails, bathroom fixtures, drawer handles and top surface, doorknobs, walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, light switches, chairs, etc.

In The Community

1. Gym and fitness centers – MRSA bacteria likes moist, warm areas and gyms and fitness centers are an idea place for MRSA. MRSA can live on surfaces over thirty days, including clothing and skin. Owners and managers should use industrial strength products that kill MRSA and thoroughly clean throughout the gym or fitness area on a regular basis. Hand gel dispensers should be readily available for staff and customers to use. Staff should be trained and educated on sanitation and MRSA.

2. Schools/daycare centers – it is advised that elementary children bring their own sanitary wipes or alcohol-based gel cleaners to school and keep them in their desk and use them often. Schools and daycare centers should wipe down and disinfect objects in the rooms such as toys, educational materials, gym equipment, water faucets, light switches, bathroom fixtures, paper towel dispensers, cafeteria areas, etc.

3. Workplace/travel – adults and teens can carry small alcohol-based cleaners or sanitary wipes in their vehicles, work place and while traveling to wash hands frequently touches surfaces or hands. In the work place, keyboards, phones, work stations, etc. should be wiped down often. Frequently touched surfaces in hotel rooms should be wiped down upon check-in. Wipe surfaces within your vehicle regularly.

4. Home – there are many disinfectant and cleansers on the market that target MRSA bacteria or using bleach that is diluted (1:10 dilution of household chlorine bleach) can be used. Wearing gloves is strongly recommended, follow the directions on the bottle and make sure that the solution stays on the surfaces for the recommended amount of time to disinfect the surface thoroughly.