President Obama Supporting MRSA Legislation And Reporting

Since 2003, MRSA Survivors Network founder, Jeanine Thomas has worked to advance the awareness of MRSA and healthcare-acquired infections. Thomas pushed to get the IL Hospital Report Card Act passed and signed by the Governor in 2003 ( the first in the country), which was sponsored by Barack Obama, then an Illinois state senator. Thomas has been a consumer representative on that advisory board from the beginning. Thomas has also worked with US Senator Obama’s office to raise awareness, educate and push for MRSA screening, reporting and increase of research funds.

MRSA Survivors Network has lead the way in the national crusade to save lives and prevent needless pain and suffering from infections. Below is a copy of a letter that was personally written and typed by President Obama in 2005 to Jeanine Thomas, founder of MSN.

United States Senate

Washington, D.C. 20510-1306

August 26, 2005
Ms. Jeanine Thomas
MRSA Survivors Network
P.O. Box 241
Hinsdale, IL 60522

Dear Jeanine:

Thank you for your note regarding the need for increased MRSA hospital infection research funding. I appreciate hearing from you and share your concern.

The New York Times article you shared is quite telling. How unfortunate that individuals going to hospitals for necessary health care must worry about contracting a new illness during their stay. This is simply unacceptable, and perhaps greater transparency of hospital infection rates would, literally, incentivize hospitals to clean up their act.

I hope that the Federal and State governments will make addressing this public health concern a greater priority in the days to come. Rest assure that your priorities will be on my mind.

Barack Obama
United States Senator