MRSA artwork
The MRSA painting series were shown and exhibited during the 3rd Annual World MRSA Day kickoff event, Oct. 1, 2011 in Chicago.


When a mundane soul (the body) is caught in a situation of thoughts of near death it feels abandoned and powerless and feels a burning sensation (the flames around the body). Its’ first instinct is to get into the fetal position in to yield, in this case, a MRSA infection and recall itself. It forms the pyramid position and a strong attitude that enables one to go inside itself and travel through the seven layers while watching oneself. (Rainbow colors with black dots for eyes). There is a protecting grid on the outer layer (white). These layers are very rough and difficult at the beginning and it is very still and soft at the end. A two lane path becomes one at the Portal of the Golden Ray (Top) where it realizes that the mission one was send to do was not realized and has to come back and make it happen. Passing through this Portal at both sides is very powerful and vortexes spin very fast and one thinks they are wings while in levitation. This is the reason that the human form mistakenly accepts those as wings. Once “In Lighted” the human form can detect the DNA strand misaligned. To get it aligned again it wants to come back and put things straight. There is a principal unstoppable powerful energy push to get up (second right toe from the outside and one hand out at right) and speak for oneself and awake from a long deep sleep. Once the medical part is properly administered, it is up to oneself to do the rest. My Intension is to depict here, The Power is … WITHIN – the survival mode. This is the drive mode my dear friend Jeanine is showing, Unstoppable. She has a lot to teach us how she did it.


I was going to draw the shock painting when I saw this precisely as it is on my canvas and I put it aside, I painted the shock painting and came back to finish it as it was and I entitled it Infectsun. I have signed it but believe it was transmitted to the canvas. Since I am a Solar Teacher of the Book of Knowledge I am certain that in this Medium Age a lot is transmitted for the ones that can perceive them to present them as a message. My intension was to get attention for this terrible mistake we are committing towards ourselves. Just by not disinfecting the persons and areas prior to an operation in hospitals ,which can prevent lots of unnecessary pain and deaths to save some money or … is it on purpose to make some more? As long as it is not our direct family or friends we are insensitive to the danger it causes to us. If we as humans do not take care of others as our own we will continue on a crash collision course. Let’s all wake up and do something about it in the present!

Photo of Monica E. with painting
Photo of Monica E. with brushes
Photo of Monica E. with painting

Q & A interview with artist Monica E. Oduber of Aruba, Dutch Caribbean.

Monica E. has created the first global artwork for MRSA to raise awareness to the global MRSA epidemic and will be creating a series of MRSA paintings to draw attention to the epidemic.

MSN – What inspired you as an artist to create a painting about MRSA?

Photo of Monica E. and Jeanine

ME – My close friend, Jeanine Thomas nearly died from MRSA ten years ago and was sick for a long time. I then became aware of MRSA; I learned what MRSA was and what it can do to the body. Jeanine and I have been close friends for over thirty years since she lived in Aruba. She has such a strong personality that her strength and will to live helped her survive such a terrible infection.

MSN – What do you hope to accomplish with the painting?

ME – I want to raise awareness for MRSA and let people know that it is a global epidemic and major health threat. It is a deadly bacteria that enters the body, but one can survive the infection by mentally being strong and fighting it. Jeanine survived her MRSA bloodstream infection by her sheer will to survive and she turned a negative experience in to a positive one by starting her organization and helping other victims.

MSN – Tell me about the painting – why did you name the painting Starseed?

ME – Staph bacteria has been around for billions of years and matter has come from stars and the cosmos. On the left is a five-point star, which is the closest star in meditation and inner consciousness. The star is shooting out its essence – its light energy into the portal of the body in the wheel on the right which shows the crust – the outer shell of the MRSA bacteria magnified. Outside the ring there are small cells that show MRSA colonization – MRSA continues to mutate.

It is hard to explain exactly the meaning and translate into English, as English is not my first language.

MSN – I think you have explained it well and we look forward to seeing your other MRSA paintings in the series. Thank you.

Monica E. can be reached by email at – and at

Photography by Julio Beaujon – wildlife photographer from Aruba.