Host Fundraisers

Hosting a fundraiser is a great way to get involved and help to raise awareness for MRSA education and general awareness, whether it is in the community or healthcare setting. The following are some suggestions, but be creative and put your personal touch to a fundraising event or campaign. You’ll make a difference!

Use online fundraising cmapaigns such as or to raise funds for MSN and World MRSA Day. 


World MRSA Day – Oct. 2nd and World MRSA Awareness Month

Organize a World MRSA Day or World MRSA Awareness Month – October event at your school, community center, church, healthcare facility, etc. and help raise awareness to the MRSA epidemic. Downloadable posters that are customizable can be found at – the official site.

School science projects can emphasize bacteria (namely MRSA) and how it lives in our community and also the importance of hand hygiene (handwashing) to control the spread of MRSA.

Simple memorial events or candlelight vigils can be held at churches, community centers or parks during World MRSA Awareness Month.


Birthday Parties

Children Birthday Parties

Many children want to get involved with giving and it is a great teaching tool to show children that giving back can have great rewards. For your child’s next birthday party, suggest that in lieu of gifts that invitees donate to our cause and mission and explain that their donation is helping other children like themselves prevent from acquiring a MRSA infection. They will learn the joys of giving.

Adult Birthday Parties
We get to a certain age and what more do we need? We don’t need “more stuff”, but we can contribute to a great cause and help stop MRSA infections. Have your family members (or yourself) suggest to others that in lieu of birthday gifts, donate to MRSA Survivors Network and help raise awareness and save lives. MRSA Survivors Network is leading the way in educating the community about MRSA.

Special Events

Organize your special events fundraiser for MRSA and help to raise awareness. Some suggestions are:

  • Fashion Show
  • Organize at a school, community center, church or place of worship a bake sale, pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner
  • Donate your proceeds from your next garage sale or a family member’s estate sale or organize a neighborhood garage sale with a “MRSA Awareness” theme.
  • Organize a fundraising dinner or block party and hold a silent auction for MRSA Awareness
  • Have your school hold a ‘Youth Art Competition’ for MRSA Awareness and have local businesses donate for a prize and then donate a portion for MRSA Awareness.
  • Organize a local music event or art show.

Walks, Runs, and Cycling Events

Organizing a walk, run or cycling event in your community can be a great way to raise awareness for MRSA and donate to the cause. Ask local businesses, TV and radio stations and other organizations (such as running or cycling clubs) to partner with you. You need enough lead time to promote such an event and sufficient volunteers.

Run for MRSA
If you are a runner entering marathons, 5K or 10K events; ask friends, family and local businesses to sponsor you to run for the event and donate what you have received to go to MRSA Awareness. Have a sign printed on your running gear or wear a blue ribbon to signify the cause you are running for.

School Science Projects

Fourth grader Chloe Botten of our Lady of Grace School in Edina (Minneapolis), Minnesota chose MRSA as her topic of research for her “Expert Project”. She had to write a research paper and corresponding poster to present to her class. Chloe learned a lot about MRSA in her studies and then so did her class and teacher. Chloe received top marks for her project and we hope this inspires other students and teachers to have MRSA as a subject to present to the class., which could help prevent infections and raise awareness for MRSA. Great going Chloe!!!

Kind Donations

  • Redeem your credit card points for gift cards, which enable us to purchase items that help us keep our facilities sparkling clean.
  • Donate your unused airline miles to help us provide transportation for families who are in dire need of a respite.

Host an Event

Your fundraising and support efforts can help to further MRSA survivors Network mission and change the world of the children and families we serve. By creating a fundraising team with friends and co-workers, you can greatly expand your efforts and come away with a fun, rewarding event. Events can range from the very simple to the complex. Some ideas are:

  • Organize a run/walk, golf, cocktail party/auction, bake sale, dress down day at work, or other fun event
  • Collecting Change – Because 93 percent of every dollar raised goes directly to our programs, every penny counts at Believe In Tomorrow. Collecting change at schools, work or in your community can quickly add up and go a long way toward our pediatric housing needs.

Marketing and Advertising Contributions

Marketing and Advertising Contributions aide in communicating our unique mission to communities and audiences throughout the country.