About World MRSA Day

World MRSA Day was initiated, created and announced in January, 2009 by Jeanine Thomas, President and Founder of MRSA Survivors Network and is the official organizer for World MRSA Day.

Jeanine is a survivor of MRSA and C. Diff and nearly died in 2000 from MRSA. The focus of the Day and MRSA Awareness Month is to raise awareness of the MRSA epidemic/pandemic that is sweeping the world and to educate the public on how they can protect themselves from this preventable disease.

Jeanine Thomas founded MRSA Survivors Network in 2003 (a non-profit organization) and was the first advocacy group in the U.S. to raise the alarm about the MRSA epidemic and other healthcare-acquired infections. Jeanine started her organization to help fellow survivors with MRSA and educate them and their family members about this disease. She initiated and helped to pass ground-breaking legislation to prevent infections by having at-risk patients screened, isolated and decolonized for MRSA upon admission to hospitals.

With the creation of World MRSA Day, the hope is to raise the awareness of MRSA around the globe and to activate survivors, communities, governments, healthcare officials and personnel to join together to stop the spread of this preventable disease.


Living with MRSA
Living with MRSA


Downloadable posters to raise awareness for MRSA. Click any of the above posters to see larger versions.

World MRSA Day Oct. 2 Posters

World MRSA Day Kickoff Event

World MRSA Awareness Month Posters

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General MRSA Awareness Posters

Who Can Get MRSA? (11in x 17in)


Who Can Get MRSA (18in x 24in)

MRSA Cell Poster

MRSA Cell Poster

MRSA Ribbon Poster