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Welcome to the MRSA Survivors Network

Dedicated to providing change, awareness, support and education

The Catalyst for Change

FACT: More Americans die every year from invasive MRSA infections than from HIV/AIDS or H1N1 flu.

Richard Branson’s PSA

What is MRSA?

MRSA (pronounced meer-sa) is an acronym for methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus – also known as the “Superbug” and can cause deadly infections in patients in healthcare facilities and in the community.

MRSA Survivors NetworkMRSA Survivors Network was founded in early 2003. MSN was the first consumer organization in the U.S. to raise the alarm concerning the MRSA epidemic and other multi-drug resistant healthcare-acquired infections. MSN has been the key catalyst for change on an international and national front with its groundbreaking crusade and mission to stop MRSA deaths and infections. MSN partners with healthcare professionals, healthcare companies and consumer organizations.

MRSA Youth Champion Bethany Burke

MRSA Awareness PSA’s

International MRSA Testing Week – April 1-7th

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2014 World MRSA Day Event Photos

2014 Sponsors

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Bronze Level - Theravance

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Happy New Year to you and Your Family!

We at MRSA Survivors Network hope this is a year of health, love and prosperity for you. We know this will be a year that will see greater awareness to the ongoing MRSA epidemic and we are already working on our awareness campaigns for 2015 along with other projects.
Your kind donation to MRSA Survivors Network can help make a difference and expand our programs – every dollar counts. Please donate by PayPal on our website: or you can send a check to:
MRSA Survivors Network
P.O. Box 241
Hinsdale, IL 60522

Donate in memory of a loved one or donate in honor of someone who survived and we list the names on our website.

We greatly appreciate your support in helping to raise awareness and save lives.

Plan Your Event Now!

Help raise awareness by planning your event today. October is World MRSA Awareness Month & Oct. 2 is World MRSA Day, but anytime is great to raise awareness and fundraise in your community. Check out our website for event ideas and also on our Facebook page – @MRSAsurvivorsnetwork. Call us for more info at: 630 325-4354. Make a difference today!